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This is the website of Ryan Ernst, a web systems developer living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I solve problems for a living.

For a different perspective, read my G+ profile. Social Network links are at the topbar.

I work with web-based systems: LAMP-based systems are my specialty, and I've done many conversions from Microsoft systems or custom CMS software to Drupal and other Open-Source CMSes.

I graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Computer Science. I work for SimplyCast.

I'm a proficient Unix/Linux administrator who enjoys playing with hardware and software. I'm an irrepressible tinker who can't resist fiddling with things to improve them. I enjoy thinking my way through problems, and finding a solution is only half the fun.

My other interests are in cycling, tabletop/board games, and vintage & retro video games. RSS feed

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